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Our Philosophy
We believe that graphic design should bring people together. It’s creating the “aha” that lights up a face and captures the imagination in a split second. We refer to ourselves as a “lab” because we believe that we are the explorers, the pathfinders, the inventors, and ultimately the changemakers for our clients.

Our History
There’s a feeling you get when you walk into a wheat field and all you can see for miles is nothing but blue skies and puffy white clouds. Big ideas have room to grow in a place like that. Anything is possible. With this vision, Kittner Design was started. And, although we’ve seen many changes here at Kittner, we’ve turned those random dreams into a working studio which is in its 14th year of operation.

What sets us apart…
We’ve always seen ourselves as a partner resource to our clients. We approach projects with a problem-solving mind-set. We believe that graphic design is a process involving collaboration, shared knowledge, understanding, creativity and a bit of magic. We like to wear the day out by living out loud and pursuing the “aha.”

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